My name is Sean Rebello and I live in San Francisco California. I have friends in San Francisco, Oakland, Daly City, all over the Bay area. And if any of them ever needed oral surgery I would absolutely recommend them to Dr. Rayher without any hesitation. I came to see Dr. Rayher because I was referred by my dentist Dr. Farmer. I had a growth forming on my lip and I was going to need it to be checked out and possibly have a biopsy. He was able to put me at ease about the biopsy. I was very concerned not only about the actual surgery but about potential scarring. You know like lung issues that I could have. I came into the office for the appointment, everything was fine. The staff was always great. They greet me by name. Essentially, I felt like I had just leaned back, closed my eyes and when I woke up I was sitting upright. And I have one of his assistant telling me I did a great job. It was done. There was no pain. My lip felt fine. And based on the concerns that I had particularly about the state of my lip afterwards, the doctor explained that he had done a very, very tiny incision on the inside of my lip and I returned to my original dentist, Dr. Farmer, who took a look at the work on the wisdom teeth and continuous to be a big cheerleader of Dr. Rayher especially seeing the results of the work that was done.