Hi! My name is Dr. Shin Robin, and I practice here in San Francisco. I enjoy working with Dr. Rayher because he has a fabulous staff. So from the moment you call his office until you leave the office, I feel like he does a really great job making sure that the patients that I send over here are well taken care of from the very beginning. He does practice basically a broad spectrum of oral surgery. And I know he does more intense cases but for the kind of cases that I do, he does a lot of wisdom teeth extractions for me. He does a ton of implant surgical portion. He’s really able to explain things in detail, and I do send patients over here that like to ask a lot of questions because I feel like he does a really good job of trying to explain in a million different ways to let the patient truly understand what they are about to, you know, endeavor. I haven’t had anyone return overwhelmed or upset. They’re all very happy and comfortable.
Dr. Shin Robin