Oral Pathology Reviews

Oral pathology is a term used to refer to any infection or disease inside the mouth, including oral cancer, mumps, tonsillitis, oral herpes, oral ulcers, burning mouth syndrome, and various other autoimmune diseases. Most of these conditions are benign (non-cancerous) but should still be examined and treated by a highly qualified medical professional immediately. Because of their extensive training, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the best professionals to evaluate and treat oral pathological processes.

When patients visit our office with symptoms of an oral pathology, we strive to provide compassionate and top-quality care. At Union Square Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we understand the nerves that can accompany a visit to an oral surgery office, and we do everything we can to ease these nerves. One of the ways we do this is by providing videos of past patients sharing their positive feedback to help current patients feel more at ease at our office. We encourage you to watch past patients share their stories and learn about the high-quality care you can expect to receive from our entire oral surgery team.

Dr. Rayher Treated Manuel’s Oral Pathology Manuel

My name is Manuel. I am from San Francisco, and I was referred to Dr. Rayher by Dr. Parrett. He had said that I had broken a saliva gland. That’s why my mouth had swollen up on the side. I then came to Dr. Rayher’s office, a little nervous about what was going on, but when I entered, it was a beautiful building, really nice staff, and they took care of me right away. I was nervous because I didn’t....

Sean Had His Oral Pathology Treated Sean

My name is Sean Rebello and I live in San Francisco California. I have friends in San Francisco, Oakland, Daly City, all over the Bay area. And if any of them ever needed oral surgery I would absolutely recommend them to Dr. Rayher without any hesitation. I came to see Dr. Rayher because I was referred by my dentist Dr. Farmer. I had a growth forming on my lip and I was going to need it to be chec....