My name is Dr. Preston Brown, and I have a private office just a few blocks from here in San Francisco. Now, in a private practice, you have consistent interaction with patients, but the specialists you work with often have limited interaction with them. So you have to be really comfortable in making sure that that patient is passed off the right way. I think one of the great things that I have found in working with Dr. Rayher, we found a really good system in which we communicate with each other. So the sharing of information, that’s very important in truly planning complex cases which require multiple disciplines not just surgery but root canal specialist, orthodontist, all of those disciplines together requires a lot of communication, and Dr. Rayher is always available and takes the time to make sure that we are on the same page to ensure the best outcome for the patient. That confidence that I have in telling my patients that they are really going to get the best treatment is very, very satisfying, so it makes it nice.
Dr. Brown