Dr. J. Reed Rayher and the team at Union Square Oral Surgery & Dental Implant are dedicated to your oral and overall health. In order for your procedure to be effective, there are steps you will need to take beforehand. Please take time prior your appointment to review the instructions below. If you have questions about anesthesia in San Francisco, California, please feel free to contact our team members at 415-397-1400.

Before you receive anesthetic of any kind, it is important that you talk with us about any recent illnesses, and any medical conditions or allergies you may have.  If you take any prescription medication, or vitamin or herbal supplements, you should let us know. Please tell us if you are pregnant, or think that you might be. Depending on your level of sedation, and your potential reaction to it, you should arrange for someone to drive you home after your appointment.

If you elect to use nitrous oxide during your treatment, you should eat a light meal before you come to the office, and plan on avoiding any heavy meals for about five hours afterward.

If IV, or general sedation will be used, you should avoid smoking 24 hours before and after your procedure. You should avoid eating or drinking anything 6-8 hours prior to your appointment.  You should not consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.

You should wear comfortable, flat-soled shoes. Do not wear any jewelry or watches. You should also remove fingernail polish. If you wear contact lenses, take them out, and do not wear any makeup or perfume to your appointment.

We will provide you with specific post-operative instructions, and please make sure that you follow them. If you will need icepacks or cold packs after your procedure, please prepare them the night before. It is a good idea to have an over-the-counter pain reliever at home, and to take it, or any prescribed medications as directed by the doctor.