• You may eat a light meal before your surgery. Please brush your teeth before you arrive for your surgery.
  • Take all your regular medications unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Rayher. Please advise Dr. Rayher if you take any blood thinners or medications for diabetes.
  • If you have diabetes, you must have your normal diet before surgery. Also, please schedule your surgery early in the morning.
  • If Dr. Rayher prescribed medication or mouth rinse for you to take before your surgery, please use as directed.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and short sleeves to allow the placement of the safety monitoring equipment (for example, the blood pressure cuff).
  • You may drive yourself home after surgery. You will not need an escort or any special arrangement to get home.
  • Please be prepared for your recovery. Please review the provided copy of the POST-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS in advance. Please obtain the appropriate food as explained in the section on diet and supplies for icing the face as explained in the section on swelling control. Cotton gauze for gauze packs will be provided.
  • Obtain your post-operative medications in advance and bring them on the day of surgery. We will review them with you.
  • FOR FEMALE PATIENTS ONLY: If you are pregnant, possibly pregnant, or breastfeeding, please inform Dr. Rayher. Surgery and anesthesia may potentially complicate the pregnancy or harm the fetus. Please contact your physician if you wish to rule out pregnancy before surgery.

Please call our office if you have any questions