My name is Dr. Marianna Rexan. I’m at Union Fillmore Dental. I have known Dr. Rayher since we were classmates in dental school. He was always top one percent, both clinically and academically. And now he is an absolutely superb oral surgeon who takes up cases that most of the surgeons would not be comfortable doing. I have trusted Dr. Rayher to treat my husband who is a very complex implant case. There is a lot of communication going on between myself and Dr. Rayher with every patient that we treat. Every time, a surgical guide is created, and so we know exactly where every tooth is going. All Dr. Rayher’s work is very predictable and consistent. We have done a lot of aesthetic cases with him, and he can predict how the gum is going to look, how the case is going to look, and what exactly needs to be done, so in any case, patient is informed, so the case comes out as ideal as possible.
Dr. Rexan