My name is Tom. I’m from San Francisco. I fell when I was eleven years old. I fell from a swing and knocked out half of my front tooth, and that caused trauma which I needed a root canal for. And when Dr. Rayher saw it, I needed an extraction, the tooth to come out. So Dr. Rayher was both a perfect combination of knowledgeable, he had a lot of information that he was able to give me, but he was then also personable, and as well as his staff. Liz and Felisha were so awesome, and they’re sympatico, the way they work with one another; I knew that they were sort of like a family and they were tight with one another and had been working together for a while. For all my friends that live in Sausalito and in the North Bay Area and down on the Peninsula and the Palo Alto and San Jose, I would highly recommend that they come to see Dr. Rayher because I love my front tooth. I love my tooth and the implant is just perfect, and I would be happy to share that experience with or happy to have my friends and my family even come in to see Dr. Rayher to have a similar experience.