Hi! My name is Lummi, and I’m from Connecticut. I first came to Dr. Rayher’s office needing four extractions. Dr. Rayher took the time to walk me through the complete process of extraction and also possible bone graft and also possible dental implants. You know, I was a little bit nervous, but he was also really sure to assuage my fears. And you know it was comforting to know the context and to know–have that information–so that I can feel empowered to make a decision one way or another. I have to say it was pretty life changing. Before I came to Dr. Rayher’s office, I never smiled in pictures, and I always took a lot of care to hide my teeth. Now I am unafraid to smile. I regularly get compliments on my smile all the time. It’s definitely changed my life, I would say. So I would encourage any new patient who’s on the fence. Working with Dr. Rayher and with my dentist, I was able to change my entire smile and it’s definitely changed the way that I live my life today.