My name is Carey, and I live in San Francisco. I came to see Dr. Rayher because I had a tooth with a crown that broke in the middle of the night when I was at work. I was pretty nervous coming into an oral surgeon’s office because I’d never had oral surgery before. The staff here is really wonderful. From the first moment when I walked in, they were very welcoming, very cheerful. Right away, I started feeling much more at ease. This wasn’t going to be something where I came in, they just pulled the tooth out and I went home in pain, that I knew I’d be well taken care of here. My recovery was really amazing. Honestly, from almost the first few hours after leaving when the numbing medication wore off, I really had very little pain. I would say even if you’re from sort of far away where you’d have to cross the bridges, like Sausalito or Oakland, come here. It’s worth it to come to an oral surgeon who is going to take this much care of you and individualizes the plan of care for you.