Hi! My name is Julie, and I am from San Francisco. I came to Dr. Rayher, and he explained to me why he felt my decision to go forth with an extraction would be the best for me in the long term. Dr. Rayher does a great job explaining what’s going to happen. He draws diagrams. He makes you laugh. He makes you feel comfortable. He made me feel like I was in perfect hands. Dr. Rayher is hilarious. He makes me laugh. He makes my four year old laugh. He spends time, even though he is super busy, with all of his clients. He spends a lot of time making me feel comfortable and my child feel comfortable, and he is just very welcoming. Every time I’ve been here, he makes a point to call and make sure and check in that everything is okay with me. And I just feel that I was taken care of in the very best way possible. If you are in the Bay Area, in the South San Francisco, East Bay or Marin County, he is worth the drive into the city. His expertise is unmatchable. I would come back; if I ever have to have another tooth extracted, I will be back.