I am Charles J. Molosky II, DDS. One of the things that I do in my practice is what Dr. Rayher does in his practice and that’s look at quality and be concerned about quality. And like I said, I’ve said many times about him is I trust him. I think Liz puts people at ease. He puts me at ease. I think if you have a good office manager that conduct themselves with respect for themselves and respect for the patient, I think it puts the patient at ease. I think that’s what we do in my office is we explain to them that this costs this much to do this, and there’s a reason why we are doing it and work out a financial plan and work with their insurance company. I think that’s really important for the front desk. A year or two ago, my wife had a tooth that we tried to save and tried to save and tried to save. We couldn’t save it. I talked to Dr. Rayher about it, and it was a difficult implant because the nerves and blood vessels were very close to the surface. And he did a short implant on her, and because she’s petite and reasonably not a powerful biter, it worked really well, and she’s had it a couple of years now, and it’s still in perfectly. It’s beautiful.
Dr. Molosky