I’m Dr. Ann Wei. I’m a board-certified prosthodontist. My practice is at downtown San Francisco. I refer to Dr. Rayher because he’s a very good oral surgeon. He’s skilled. He’s respectful to patients, and he cares about his treatment. As a prosthodontist, I see many patients who have more complex needs. So it’s very important that I have an oral surgeon that’s in communication with me, an oral surgeon who understands the restorative needs and who is able to communicate that with patients. I also like Dr. Rayher because he’s an MD, DDS so he understands a lot of the medical side. Some of my patients, they are more senior patients; they have complex medical needs/issues that we need to pay attention to. Dr. Rayher, being an MD, he understands the medical side of treatment aspects so that’s very important for delivering a very good quality care for the patient.
Dr. Wei