Hi! My name is Troy Christiansen. I live in San Francisco. I had a tooth that was knocked out, and I was referred to Dr. Rayher by Dr. Preston Brown. I was nervous about coming in because I am actually just very nervous of the dentist, in general, and to have to go through a dental surgery was even more nerve wracking. Everyone here was extremely, extremely welcoming from the hygienist to the office managers to Dr. Rayher himself. He was very detailed in exactly what he was going to do, how he was going to do it, how long it would take, the recovery time as well as all the follow-up. Also, the office managers had to help me a lot with some of the insurance stuff, and they were readily available to do that for me throughout the entire process. I would definitely refer Dr. Rayher to anyone. I live in San Francisco. I have friends that live in Oakland. I did recommend one friend from Oakland who came in and was very, very satisfied with his work as well because I think he’s so great.