My name is Lynn. I’m from San Francisco, California. My dentist, Dr. Mao, referred me to Dr. Rayher because I had a great deal of bone loss in the molars in the back of the right side and in the bottom of the left side. I first had some extractions, and then I had a sinus lift, and then, of course, they needed to do bone grafting, and then the implants, and then eventually the teeth. He immediately made me feel at ease. I did have several surgeries so I actually got to meet almost all of the staff. He runs a top-notch practice. If you are in San Francisco or in the East Bay or in the North Bay, Sausalito, any of those towns that are, you know–Santa Rosa even. It’s worth it to take a trip. I am really pleased to be here as an advocate for Dr. Rayher and his staff because they have been so kind to me. Thank you.